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AC Power Supply for Luxfer Easy Pulse 3-5 Litre 1901-76511


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Luxfer EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator 5.


Easy to see the difference.


  1. 5 year warranty including compressor and sieve bed.
  2. Charge time 2 to 4 hours. Battery even charges in the car while in use.
  3. Low-maintenance filter. Wash filter periodically with soap and warm water, then air dry.
  4. Available with optional external battery.
  5. FAA airline approved.

Designed specifically for ambulatory patients, the EasyPulse POC combines the benefits of today’s most-used oxygen conserver with the simplicity of an easy-use concentrator.The EasyPulse POC is an easy-to-use, compact and lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. It has a long battery life and delivers the correct amount of oxygen when needed.

Luxfer EasyPulse POCs incorporate patented Control Minute Volume (CMV) oxygen conserving technology that delivers a consistent amount of oxygen per minute in the first third of inspiration, regardless of breath rate. The delivered oxygen volume automatically adjusts to the patient’s breath rate, maintaining minute volume.

Includes AC & DC power supplies, cords, carry bag & cannula.


Portable Weight: 2.2kg (4.9lbs)

Dimensions: Height; 21.6cm (8.5") x Width 16.5cm (6.5") x Length 11.4cm (4.5")

Flow Settings: Pulse 1-3 LPM

Battery Durations without external battery: setting 1 = 5.5 hours, setting 2 = 4 hours, setting 3 = 3 hours

Battery Durations with external battery: setting 1 = 11 hours, setting 2 =  hours, setting 3 = 3 hours

Sound Level: 39 dBA

Chargable in car? Yes - when in use

FAA Airline Approved: Yes


Unit: 5 Years

Battery: 1 Year

Sieve Beds: 5 Years

Compressor: 5 Years