Oxygen Concentrator Rental

Portable and Static Oxygen Concentrator Rental For All your Holiday Needs 
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Do you need a Portable or Static Oxygen Concentrator

If so we can help.

For a holiday, Flight or Cruise, or perhaps have a relative staying for a period who needs Oxygen?
Maybe you are visiting the UK from abroad and need a Oxygen Concentrator delivered to your hotel prior to your visit?

All of our Portable Oxygen Concentrators and batteries are FAA approved, so you will have no problems using them on either an Airline, or a Cruise Ship.

The Oxygen Store specialise in hiring Oxygen Concentrators

we have an extensive range of Portable, battery, DC and mains operated Pulse Dose and Constant Flow Oxygen Concentrators available to hire to suit your needs.
We can even just rent you extra batteries for your own Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

Our fully trained Oxygen travel Staff are here to assist you. call 0845 100 0084 

To hire an Oxygen Concentrator from The Oxygen Store

The user must be under medical supervision and have approval from their Doctor or GP to travel, in many instances you will already have a Fit to Fly Test (also called an Hypoxic Challenge test) completed by your Respiratory Nurse.

We will need to know what flow (LPM) has been prescribed by your Doctor or GP, we will need to ascertain whether you require a constant flow of oxygen, or whether you are suitable for a Pulse Dose Oxygen Concentrator (Portable).
If you intend to use the Oxygen Concentrator for a flight

we will ask how long the flight is,

you will need to tell us the Litres Per Minute (LPM) that you are prescribed

allowing for delays or hold ups calculate the battery life, and possible additional batteries you will require,  Airlines require that you have battery life for a minimum of 150% of your actual flight time.

Rental Period

We usually (except in Emergency situations) delivery your Rental Oxygen concentrator to you at home or to your designated Hotel at least 2-3 days before your require the Concentrator, if required we will liase with the Hotel Concierge, Reception or Cruise Company to ensure they are expecting the delivery.
This ensures that the concentrator is there when you need it, with no last minute panics.
Early delivery also ensures that if there is a problem with the delivery, you still get the machine in sufficient time for your holiday, and it lets you become familiar with the operation and settings of the concentrator before you travel and gives time to make sure that all the batteries are fully charged if it is a portable oxygen concentrator, it also gives us time to make sure that yo are happy with the tubing and cannula etc, and if required send out additional items to you.
We will also ask that the rental period extends 1-2 days in excess of your arrival time back into the UK to accommodate for possible travel delays etc, and to give you time to unpack and relax without having to worry about returning the concentrator back to us straight away.


Check Prior to Despatch

Prior to shipping your Concentrator it will be sterilised, and fully checked to ensure that it is fully operational.
We include new tubing, cannula or masks with every Concentrator.


VAT Exempt Rental

We can zero rate rental of Oxygen Concentrators to eligible customers.



Please call us on 01785 847140 for details on machines available to rent.