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Dialflow Meter - Range D 0.5 - 15 l-min - BS 5682-Barb


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The consistent reliability of the Dialflow Meter is a result of rigorous design, precision engineering.

Each unit has 11 accurate and repeatable flow settings, making it simple to adapt the oxygen flow to provide the optimum care for patients.

Device Specifications:

Flow Range D (0.5 to 15 l/min)
Inlet Connection BS 5682
Outlet Connection Barb to EN 13544-2 (6 mm nominal tube)
Inlet Pressure 400 kPa (58 psi)
Mounting Type Direct fitting
Inlet filtration 40 µm
Orifice Plate Filtration 5 µm
Service Interval 4 years
Intended Life 12 years
Applied Standards EN ISO 15001 - Anaesthetic and Respiratory Equipment - Compatability with Oxygen EN ISO 15002 - Flow-metering devices for connection to terminal units of medical gas pipeline systems
Regulatory EC: MDD Class IIa Medical Device
The range D offers a flow range of 0.5 l/min to 15 l/min. The inlet for this device is a BS 5682 Connector with a Barb outlet

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