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Inogen One G2 Backpack CA-250


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Inogen One G2 Backpack CA-250

The Inogen One G2 system cis supplied with a bag to carry the portable oxygen concentrator on your shoulder. If you're looking for even more carrying comfort, this backpack is for you

Because a backpack is carried on both shoulders, the weight is distributed more evenly.

The Inogen backpack has a waist strap which carries a part of the weight, the Inogen One G2 becomes even lighter!

The backpack has a large compartment that fits the Inogen One G2 perfectly. The small compartment on the front and two on the side store any of your accessories.

To make sure the concentrator gets enough fresh air, the bag has open material where the intake filter is located.

Once in the backpack, you can still operate the concentrator thanks to a transparent window on top. Next to this window there's an opening to fit the nasal cannula through.

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