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Eco Mask 6mm Inlet Adult Non PVC 1136


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1 x Adult Non PVC Eco Oxygen Mask with 6 mm male oxygen inlet.

 Within the medical device industry environmentalAs part of our continual improvement process,

issues have been raised from pressure groups that have

questioned the use of PVC in medical products. There

is particular concern with the disposal of PVC products

especially when it involves incineration, due to potential

release of harmful gases

Oxygen Store aims to reduce the environmental impact of

its products. This has resulted in a long

search for alternative materials to PVC to address these





Utilisation of the latest manufacturing technology has

enabled us to combine two non-PVC materials in the

same mask. The material forming the body of the

mask is clear and rigid enough to maintain the masks

shape while a second, softer material is utilised in the

manufacture of the seal, which is in contact with the

users face.