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Oxygen Tubing Inline Water Trap


With VAT relief: £6.54
Including VAT: £8.18

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Oxygen Tubing Inline Water Trap

A simple device of durable construction to withstand the rigors of long-term daily use. The clear body allows easy visual inspection for fluid build up and assessment of cleaning or replacement need. Tapered end-cap fittings ensure secure tubing connection. The rounded shoulder design minimizes hazard of snagging on furniture or other obstructions. A cost effective solution for your long term oxygen therapy patients.


  • Strong, durable, clear body construction
  • Withstands rigorous daily use 
  • Rounded shoulder, end cap design
  • Reduces risk of tangling with furniture or door jambs
  • Self sealing end caps
  • Ensures secure, leak free coupling
  • Tapered tubing fittings
  • Allows easy and secure connection to oxygen tubing