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OxyKid™ Pediatric Mask 7′ tubing OK-1125-8


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OxyKid™ Pediatric Mask 7′ tubing OK-1125-8

OxyKid™ provides 24% to 90% oxygen on flows from 1 lpm to flush. 

The OxyKid™ mask’s penguin profile combined with the same open mask concept as our adult mask makes it just what the doctor ordered. 

It is comfortable and fun to wear resulting in better patient compliance and allows for easy access for other therapies, oral care and communication, all without interrupting the delivery of prescribed oxygen.



OxyKid™ Reduces:

  • The danger of CO2 rebreathing
  • Risk of patient harm because of inappropriate flow settings
  • Aspiration Risks
  • Pressure points/skin irritation breakdown

OxyMask has the ability to maintain a concentrated flow of oxygen means that less oxygen flow is required to maintain a prescribed SpO2.  To the hospital and to the ambulance this means patient safety and cost savings.