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OxyTyke™ Paediatric Mask inc 7′ tubing OT-1025-8


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OxyTyke™ provides 22% to 65% oxygen on flows as low as .25 lpm and up to or greater than 5 lpm.  OxyTyke™ is open and comfortable for the little ones to wear thus promoting better patient compliance.  OxyTyke™ allows for easy access for other therapies, oral care and communication without interrupting the delivery of prescribed oxygen.



OxyTyke™ Reduces:

  • The danger of CO2 rebreathing
  • Risk of patient harm because of inappropriate flow settings
  • Aspiration Risks
  • Pressure points/skin irritation breakdown
Oxygen Flow Settings Approximate O2 Concentrations
 .25 L/min 22%
 .50 L/min 25%
 .75 L/min 30%
    1 L/min 35%
 1.5 L/min 43%
   2 L/min 47%
   3 L/min 50%
≥ 5 L/min 65%

Adjust flow from .25L/min up to required flow to achieve required oxygen level using a pulse oximeter

OxyTyke has the ability to maintain a concentrated flow of oxygen means that less oxygen flow is required to maintain a prescribed SpO2.  To the hospital and to the ambulance this means patient safety and cost savings.