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Pair Adult Salter Labs Tender Grip


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Time-consuming adjustments…Patient complaints over comfort…Inconvenient for home use...You’ve heard all the comments. and so have we. so salter introduced several add-on features to help address these situations.  With patient satisfaction as our #1 goal, you may find these salter products most helpful
for many day-to-day concerns.Infant
, skin fixation system designed to hold cannula headpiece tubing in place.

The Salter Labs Tender Grip consists of an adhesive backing of microporous tape (tinted base) which is applied to the patients skin. On top of the tape base is a fixation straps designed to position and secure cannula or other tubing in place. Tender Grip is easy to apply, allows the skin to breathe, holds securely and leaves the fixed object clean and without messy residues.Features* Easily applied, contours to the skin* Closure is simple to engage. Allows for limited tubing adjustment* Practically invisible when worn. Leaves no messy adhesive residue on skin or tubing* Permeable to heat and humidity* Designed as an improvement to tapeBenefits* Virtually no patient discomfort or irritation* Holds securely without adhesion loss* Cosmetically acceptable. Designed for prolonged usage* Moisture resistant. Maintains adhesion* Adheres and secures where other products fail